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The strength and fitness industry has for too long been dominated by overly-tan, annoyingly-loud YouTube celebrities with less than factual content, aka broscience. Tune in to Strength Chat - hosted by a group of Coaches and Athletes with over 60 years of combined experience – as they talk fact, science, and strength with world-renowned strength, conditioning, and rehab professionals. 

Oct 30, 2017

This week's guest is Dr. Stasha Gominak, a medical professional and researcher currently working on the link between vitamin D and sleep health, among other important topics in health discourse. In today's episode, our hosts and Dr. Gominak dive deep into the importance of sleep as it relates to health, strength,...

Oct 23, 2017

Phil Daru is a rapidly rising strength coach for Professional MMA Athletes, and creator of Daru Strong Specialized Training Systems.

He is a former D1 football player, Strength Conditioning Coach for American Top Team, retired Pro MMA fighter, and has degrees in sports medicine and exercise science.

We're thrilled to...

Oct 17, 2017

Cal Dietz is a man with a resume that can't be summed up in one paragraph, so we won't even try. He is the strength and conditioning coach for numerous sports at the University of Minnesota and has coached countless teams and individuals to the international elite and professional levels in many different sports.


Oct 8, 2017

Legendary Dr. Stuart McGill joins us again on Strength Chat, for the first time since a year ago when he was on Episode 2. Lots of developments since then that are covered in this podcast, as well as an announcement of a new book he is releasing! 

Dr. Stuart M. McGill is a professor emeritus, University of Waterloo,...