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The "Architect of Resilience" podcast is a thought-provoking and uplifting series that dives deep into the intricacies of conquering life's most formidable challenges. Through profound personal conversations with individuals who have navigated and triumphed over seemingly insurmountable obstacles, this podcast offers a unique window into the human spirit's capacity for resilience and transformation.

Hosted by Chris Duffin, each episode explores the fascinating stories of those who have harnessed their inner strength to overcome adversity and achieve remarkable feats. These gripping narratives are complemented by expert insights from leading researchers, doctors, coaches, clinicians, and athletes, offering valuable perspectives on how to nurture the mind, body, and soul.

Whether it's unlocking 'superhuman' abilities, igniting personal growth and self-awareness, mastering human and organizational behavior, or discovering unparalleled injury prevention and recovery protocols, "Architect of Resilience" is your guide to unlocking the potential within yourself and evolving into the resilient architect of your own destiny. Tune in and embark on a journey of inspiration, empowerment, and transformation.

Jul 14, 2020

On today's show, Chris, Rudy, and Brady sit down and chat with a seasoned fitness veteran - and one of the industry's most renowned and influential trainers - Gunnar Peterson.

Although best known for working with high-profile clients like Hollywood actors and professional athletes, Gunnar also works regularly with...

May 21, 2020

Today's guest is the legendary @tmacsinc, a retired SpecOps operator who is now one of the top instructors in tactical training, marksmanship, and performance-based physical training for the tactically-minded through his company @combatstrengthtraining. 

Our hosts and Pat discuss general preparedness,...

May 5, 2020

You may remember today's guest from episode 68 a year or so back! Ryan Lockard is the founder and head trainer at Specialty Athletic Training, an incredible local organization devoted to helping special needs individuals train to get stronger and healthier. 

As one parent put it... "There is a special place in heaven...

Mar 16, 2020

Is the time you are spending rolling, smashing, stretching, and mobilizing an effective use of your time and resources? Do you know the underlying goal behind the work you are doing? Brad Cox - today’s guest - and our hosts discuss the importance of knowing the why behind the what, where, and when as it pertains to...

Feb 26, 2020

A fascinating episode on the books today with Dr. Roy Page, a protege of Kabuki Board Member Dr. Craig Liebenson and head associate at world-renowned clinic LA Sport & Spine.

Our hosts sit down with Dr. Roy to discuss his education and experience as a practitioner in both western and eastern schools when it comes to...