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The strength and fitness industry has for too long been dominated by overly-tan, annoyingly-loud YouTube celebrities with less than factual content, aka broscience. Tune in to Strength Chat - hosted by a group of Coaches and Athletes with over 60 years of combined experience – as they talk fact, science, and strength with world-renowned strength, conditioning, and rehab professionals. 

Jan 11, 2017

Greg Walsh is a product of counter-culture, and remains immersed in it to this day. The discovery of BMX bike riding and hardcore music in early adolescence opened a door of questioning and critical-thinking that has paved the way for everything since. Action sports, hardcore music, martial arts, and strength and conditioning have all proven to be lifesavers, not simply pastimes, and contributing to each in the best ways humanly possible is Greg’s daily mission. 

Wolf Brigade is headquartered in Rochester, New York, and is the product of Greg's lengthy training experience and varied physical backgrounds. Greg has been a long-time supporter and contributor to Kabuki Strength, and we have been long overdue to have him on our podcast. Tune in and enjoy!